Power resources in Nagaland

Power resources in Nagaland


Nagaland is blessed with rich natural resources. Of these, coal is one such resource which can uplift the economy of the local people and Nagaland State in general if utilized properly.     Coal deposits are distributed in eight districts of the State.

The most practiced coal mining method in Nagaland is rat-hole mining. In districts like Mon and Longleng, open cast mining is actively practiced too. As of now, the current picture of coal mining (both abandoned sites and ongoing mining activities) in the State is not a pleasant sight as it is done without any proper planning leading to wastage of coal reserves and causing hazards such a landslide and subsidence in many areas.

The first coalfield in Nagaland was founded in 1907 by the East India Company and is at Borjan and Kongan soil near Naganimora. Naganimora is biggest trading center of Nagaland Coal. The local weekly market held on Saturdays witnesses a medley crowd of Assamese and Konyak Nagas.

Hydro electricity

Doyang river had been a popular destination with the tourists visiting Wokha, but in the recent years, the Doyang Hydro Project has become one of the biggest tourist attractions for people visiting the town of Wokha. The 75 MW hydro power project, which is being constructed over the Doyang River has become famous for some of the breathtaking views that it offers. This dam and reservoir is located 38 km from the town of Wokha and offers an exciting scenic tour. You can easily get sight of the dam from the hilltop of some villages of Wokha. If you feel the rush of adrenaline in your system this can be one of the most adventurous places of visit. You can trek to the reservoir from the hill top through some dense forest cover. On the way you will catch a glimpse of the diverse flora and fauna of this place.



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