Conspiracy Cases/ Revolutionary Act

Nasik Conspiracy Case Anant Kanhare & Ganesh Savarkar short dead collector Jackson of Nasik
  with the revolver sent by V.D. Savarkar  
Muzaffarpur Shooting 1908. Khudi Ram & Prafulla Chaki tried to bomb Kingsford, the District
  Judge of Muzaffarpur but instead his wife & daughter died.  Khudiram a
  minor was hanged & Prafulla Chaki shot himself dead.  
Delhi Conspiracy Case When Lord Hardinge was passing through a procession celebrating the
  shifting of Capital to Delhi a bomb was thrown on him. 13 people were
  arrested. Master Amir Chand, Awadh Bihari, Bal Mukund & Basant Kumar
  Biswas were hanged whereas Ram Bihari Bose succeded in fleeing to Japan.
Gadar Movement 1915 Baba Sohan Singh Bakhna (president) Lala Hardayal (secretary) and Pandit
  Kashiram (treasurer) at San Franscisco. A paper by the name of Gadar was
  also brought out by this party. Raja Mahendra Pratap even set up a
  government in exile for India’s independence at Kabul.
Lahore Conspiracy Case A raid was conducted quash the activities of Gadar revolutionaries. Bhai
1915 Parmanand was arrested. Vishnu Ganesh Pingle & Kartar Singh Sarabha
  were also arrested. Baba Sohan Singh Bakhna were transported for life.
Kakori Conspiracy Case Ram Prasad Bismil, Rajendra Lahiri, Roshan Singh & Ashfaqullah Khan
1925 (first Muslim) were hanged. Sachindranath Saynal was sentenced to life
  imprisonment. Chandra Sekhar Azad was also involved but he escaped.
Meerut Conspiracy 1929 Thirty-one Communist leaders arrested for sedition: Trial lasted 4 years
Chittagong Armoury Raid Under the leadership of Suryasen on government armouries at Chittagong,
1930-32 Mymen Singh & Barisal. Ambika Chakraborti, Loknath Bal & Ganesh
  Ghose were prominent leaders involved. Among the girls, Kalpana Dutt,
  Preetilata Waddekar were in the forefront. A fight took place in Jalalabad
  hills where a number of revolutionaries were killed.
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