Minerals in Nagaland

Minerals in Nagaland

According to the base document of the 8th CGPB committee on geology and mineral resources, Ministry of Mines, Nagaland has her biggest limestone deposit at Nimi in Tuensang district. The thickness of limestone varies from 9 m to 120m. The geology and mining department of Nagaland has established a reserve of 111.07 million tones, the document said. The limestone here is suitable for cement / paper / pulp industry.

Likewise, there is a fairly large deposit of magnetite near Pokphur village in Tuensang district. “It has gained more significance because of its high content of Ni and (0.63% and 0.09% respectively). Total reserves of magnetite are 2.95 mt which lies in two blocks, one investigated by DGM, Nagaland (1.62 mt) and the other by the GSI (1.33 mt),”

Coal is one of the biggest mineral resources Nagaland has. Tertiary coal has been found in Borjan in Mon district, according to the board. The geological Survey of India and the state’s department has established a reserve of 59 million tonnes of coal in total, the document says. Coal is also found in Mokokchung and Tuensang. Further, according to the document Nagaland has an estimated 5 million tonnes of cobalt, 5, 280 tonnes of iron ore and nickel ore at around 5 million tonnes. Coal resources are at about 293.47 million tonnes, the board’s outline stated.

There is a possibility of deposits of precious metals such as gold and platinum groups in southeast Nagaland, in Phek, Kiphire and Tuensang districts besides rich deposits of varieties of decorative and dimensional stones and other associated metals such as zinc and molybdenum.

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