Irrigation and hydro power in Nagaland

Irrigation and hydro power in Nagaland


Major & Medium Irrigation

Till today, there is not a single project under Major & Medium Irrigation. However, the department has conducted survey works and identified a few areas where Medium Irrigation schemes construction are feasible. It is the endeavor of the Department to seek funding agency to get section and implement at least one of such scheme for the benefit of the larger farming community.

Minor Irrigation

This type of scheme is commonly implemented throughout the length and breadth of the State. It is generally suitable in the state of Terraced Rice cultivation (TRC) Vegetable cultivation both during Kharif and Rabi season. In this type of Irrigation water is diverted and carried by a channel to the command areas. Wherever such diversion of flow of water is not possible, lift irrigation and source of ground water provided. Since the nature of work is private and individuals oriented, the minor irrigation are implemented through water Users Associations and payments are made as per works executed under the technical supervision of the department and finally handed over to WUA’s for their future maintenance.

Hydro power projects in Nagaland

The history of electricity in Nagaland is uninspiring.  Plagued by consistent power shortages since its inception, the issue to this day remains a political card played only during the time of elections. Minimalistic implementation of the various power projects and the inability to expand and build on its current capacities is evidence of the lack of political vision acting directly against the social and economic interests of the citizens. Absence of effective economic and public policy, inefficient administration of energy, misplaced priorities and the reality of political corruption being the detrimental factors.


Doyang Hydro Project

Located in the district of Wokha in the state of Nagaland, Doyang Hydro Project is one of the most popular tourist attractions. People who have visited Doyang Hydro Project, have given positive feedback about the place being beautiful. Birds migrate from north to south when spring approaches and settle down at Doyang Hydro Project area for a little break during their long migratory journey. The project began during the late 1980s and ended in the year 2000. Owing to the locale of the project with the mighty Doyang River flowing, Doyang Hydro Project is a benchmark tourism spot. With many wild animals like monkeys, snakes, etc, living nearby in the forest, this place is a marvellous place to be at with a panoramic view of several villages of Wokha and Mokokchung District.


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