Folk dances of Nagaland

Folk dances of Nagaland

Dance lovers finds it as a means of relaxations and distressing from the mundane life. Dance comes to its ultimate perfection when ancient tradition and cultural blends with music and rhythm in equal proportion. For the people of Nagaland, dance is the extreme, Heightening of pleasure, Zest and joy. They enjoy every moment of this wonderful experience that is derived from dance.


Changsang dance is performed in praise of the birth-place of mankind and the earth. Prayers run neck to neck along with the dance during the festival to which the dance is associated in order to propitiate the sky God. Colorful outfits accompanied by matching songs goes on full throttle during the period of Puanglem/Nknyulum festival.

Monyu Asho

This dance is performed by the Phom Nagas during the festival Mhonyu. It marks the end of the winter and beginning of summer. It is also a time of prayer and dedication for the seed sown and are already sprouting.

This dance is popular for its excellent choreography as the dance consists of fast and complicated footwork, Which changes as the dancers move around. This dance is performed during a grand feast known as ‘ Feast of Merit’, And is carried out by all the able-bodied men in full traditional attire.

Melo Phita

Melo Phita dance is performed by the Angami Nagas during the Sekrenyi festival. People of all ages and sex dress in full traditional attire, Sing folk songs for 3 days.

Angushu Kighilhe

This is a war dance performed by the menfolk of Sumi tribe during the festival.




The word ‘ Rukhyo-Sharu’ literally means ‘victory dance’ which is performed by the Lotha tribe of Nagaland.


This form of dance is performed by the Khiaminungan tribe of Nagaland during two of their most important festivals i.e. Miu and Tsokum, which are co-related to each other. The villagers go out to their fields where they cook and eat followed by singing and performing this dance.


This dance is performed by the Sangtam tribe during the Amongmong festival. People come out in their best traditional attire to the open field and join the dancers with enthusiasm beyond any comparison.


This dance is an integral part of the Nazu festival of the Pochury tribe. Khupielili is the dance where only womenfolk participate.


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