Transport network of Nagaland

Transport network of Nagaland

Road Network in Nagaland

The primary mode of communication in Nagaland is road. Airways and railways are still undergoing its stages of development in Nagaland. The road network of Nagaland sums up to 9860 kms in total and thanks to this road network, a total of 900 villages are connected through it. Nagaland is highly dependent on the road network for all of its transport purposes include import and export of goods. National Highway 39 connects Kohima, Imphal and the Myanmar border at Moreh that runs through Dimapur. Kohima, the state capital, could be reached from Dimapur on NH 39.

National Highways

Tipaimukh Road ( Highway 150)

A state highway of Manipur, the Tipaimukh Road was declared a highway in 1999. The highway from Manipur connects to its bordering states as well which are Mizoram and Nagaland with 141 kms and 36 kms each respectively. The total length of the highway is 700 kms and it initiates at6 Seling (NH54) then passes through the route Tipaimukh-Imphal-Ukhrul-Jessami in Manipur and then finally it ends at Kohima in Nagaland.

National Highway 155

This is a highway which runs entirely through the state itself. The distance the road runs for is 342 kms and it connects Mokukchung NH 61 with Jessami NH 150 junction.

National Highway 36

Dimapur and Nagaon is connected to each other via the NH 36 which covers a distance of about 170 kms. The Highway starts at Nagaon in Assam and ends at Dimapur in Nagaland.

National Highway 61 NH 61 is the highway which starts at Nagaland itself and runs into the state of Assam. The length of the Highway is 240 kms. long with a majority of it i.e. 220 kms. of it running within Nagaland itself.

Nagaland State Transport

The Nagaland state transport was set up under the Government of Nagaland to provide to its people an efficient and economic transport facility. When it started in the year 1965, the only means of transport in the state was Nagaland State transport buses. The geographic formation of the state being majorly hills, road transport is a major form of communication for the people here. Today apart from the Nagaland State transport (NST) other private operators have also emerged who provide services with comparably higher rates. The Nagaland State transport presently operates a total of 112 scheduled services daily covering a total of around 21,300 kms.

Nagaland Air Service

Nagaland has only one airport located at Dimapur. The Dimapur Airport is located at NH 39 in the 3rd mile area. The terminal airport can accommodate a total of 500 departing passengers and 300 arriving passengers. Plans are still going on in order to develop and expand the Dimapur Airport. Flights land and leave from the airport on a regular basis. Guwahati and Kolkata have direct flights from the Airport. Air India and Jet Airways are the two flight operators providing flights to and from Dimapur.

Nagaland Railways

The major railhead in Nagaland is Dimapur which is linked to Guwahati, the gateway to the northeastern India. Guwahati is in turn connected to the rest of the country by important trains. The 1676 mm railway track of Dimapur was laid earlier by the Assam Bengal Railways. Initially it was from Chittagong to Lumding which later got extended to Tinsukia in 1903.


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